Indie rock group, Dirty Projectors, continue to tease the release of a new album by putting out another single.

The song, entitle ‘Little Bubble’, was released on January 5th alongside a video which you can watch below. The video sees lead man, David Longstreth, cut an isolation figure as the camera pans across a variety of locales.

The song itself leans more heavily on R&B influences than previous releases, with smooth layered production and lyrics that mourn the end of a relationship. The noticeable absence of longtime band member Amber Coffman (who is now pursuing her own solo project) has led some fans to speculate the song is about their break-up.

The new track follows the release of ‘Keep Your Name‘ and marks the first new music from Dirty Projectors since their critically acclaimed 2012 album ‘Swing Lo Magellan’.

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