New pop duo Foleydiscuss the complexities of young love with their slick new single, ‘Stranger’.

The two New Zealanders Ashleigh Wallace and Gabriel Everett capture the heart of millennial pop with their cleverly crafted melodies, inescapable chorus and glossy sonic beats.

Stemming from an act of betrayal, ‘Stranger’ discusses the struggle to understand how the ones we love can hurt us the most. Ashleigh sings ‘I don’t recognize ya, don’t know who you used to be’, before embracing the importance of moving forward and accepting change as an inevitable part of reality.

The duo talks further on the inspiration behind the release: “In the complex landscape of young love, ‘Stranger’ narrates the struggle to reconcile who we are before, and after, a pivotal relationship in our history.”

Combining their mutual love for pop music, the pair created Foley to protest the standard model of two-piece acts being pigeonholed into one vocalist and one producer. Instead, the band craft each song equally, with neither party playing a bigger role than the other.

Foley are paving the way for empowered post-modern pop. Tune in below.