Escape reality and explore paradise with the new music video for chilled out track (You Are) Encanto by Zipten!

In these difficult times, it’s important to fill our lives with uplifting music and positive imagery to give us a sense of hope for the future. While we wait for life to return to normal, there’s no better way to put your mind at ease than with the new track and video from Zipten. Much like the protagonist in the video, we can use the virtual world to help us escape reality and enjoy ourselves!

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Circumstances around the world may find you cast adrift and isolated but one artist looking to unite music fans with an experience which transports the listener way beyond their surroundings is Milan-based electro producer, Zipten. His forthcoming track, (You Are) Encanto, described by Zipten as “a hymn to beauty” perfectly demonstrates his exploratory electronic soundscapes, melding together dance beats and rhythms with a timeless combination of synth and guitar melodies.