The National have teased new music via a mysterious video, which surfaced online earlier this morning. The video is entitled ‘sleep well beast’ and was leaked via the bands Twitter and Facebook accounts. Black and white images of windows are depicted in the centre. The surrounding text takes on a news like border featuring the bands logo and the abbreviation “SWB”. Running across the bottom of the screen is a repeated reel of the statements ‘Sleep Well Beast’ and “The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness”.

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The ethereal and uneasy feeling is only heightened by the unstable noise coming from the video. It almost sounds as if a bunch of random samples have been chopped together. An eerie amalgamation of seemingly misplaced guitar strikes, marimba like drum sounds and surges of strings decorate the black and white images with unspecified precision. While the band have recently teased new music live, this is the first instance of new recorded sounds. Shaking off the cobwebs it will be the first time in a while since The National have hit the studio. Their last album ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ dropped in 2013.

The National, having recently announced they will be playing Glastonbury, have a sleeping beast to unleash before the festival season it seems. Until that point though, we only have 30 seconds of chaotic bliss to go off of. See for yourselves here;

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