Nella Cole has accomplished a lot within the past month. From releasing her video for her single, “Sex In The Room” to premiering in “Becoming Nancy” as Chrissie Starr, Cole is proving herself as not only an artist, but actress and dancer as well.

Her latest video blends all of her talents into one. “Sex In The Room” captures Cole’s sultry vocals in a bright dance studio as she masters the choreography from her love interest and dance instructor. 

Nella’s style is free, honest and is quite similar to other Broadway actress and singer’s Ariana Grande. Nella’s music, like Grande’s inspires women to express what they want and be forthright in all their desires. 

In “Sex In The Room” Nella is confident, carefree and showcases how much talent she has to offer.  Not only does Nella blend sugar and spice in her production, but she delivers a “girl gang” mentality of leaving no one behind. By inspiring other women and herself as an individual artist, Nella places the importance of being unapologetically yourself.

Being yourself seems to be working for Nella and we are excited to see what she has in store for us.

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