Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience Drop ‘Moves’

London indie-rock outfit, Near Death Experience, or NDX depending on where you listen to them are a band who unleash the goods yet again here with ‘Moves’.

‘Moves’ does what it says on the tin. It moves us from the instant, and we soon find ourselves pushing closer to the band with their charming approach to music. It is a bold rock track which you would expect from the group if you are familiar with their previous hits. But, this record takes a new angle, and it comes piercing with its nail-biting rhythm and melodies which seize.

The intro is upfront; we hear frontman ‘Ian’ open with ‘She Moves Me When The Sun Goes Down’, he is fixated on a particular lady, possibly the same woman from their last track ‘Conquer’? The vocal is presumptuous and empowering with ‘Ian’ putting all his might into his performance from the very beginning. He then grows into the track with the music popping out in the verse. The drums take a freakish structure which I enjoy, they do not follow a repetitive arrangement, and they regularly switch pace. The guitar is on point too, and it reminds me of ‘Dire Straits’ in places with it lending a winsome tone.

The chorus is memorable; I doubt anyone would disagree with that. But, is it more significant than ‘Conquer’? I would say so, yes. However, the closing stage is somewhat predictable, I would enjoy hearing a more roaring solo or something even more immense towards the end because the track deserves it, given the ride, it takes us on.

You can take a listen to ‘Moves’ by Near Death Experience below and be sure to pre-save ahead of the big release on August 14th.