Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience Captivate With New Single ‘Conquer’

Near Death Experience are fresh off the release of their new track ‘Conquer’. Rightly so, the men should be high in spirit. The reaction since its arrival has been phenomenal, and it is spreading like wildfire across the indie scene.

It is a track with psychedelic and 70s influence. A few bands come to mind when I play this track. High on my list are The Doors and T-Rex. But it is no way of a replica of these great names. We hear a lot of unique flavours not only in the music but also the vocals stand out in a distinct light too.

‘Conquer’ starts with a fresh and edgy guitar lead. For anyone who loves good old fashioned indie then you will relish this opener. It gradually builds, and one minute you are taken aback by the catchy melody, the next you are in the midst of the action with Ian Whiteling singing his heart out on the mic. I did, however, struggle to hear every word clearly and at times lyrically I was uncertain on the storyline. Various lyrics are confusing, but yet some of the great songs have followed a similar fashion too. Therefore, I cannot fault that too much. But, from what I understand, it is about a woman who captivates, someone who leaves a mark wherever they go.

Musically the band are exhilarating. The energy which surrounds this track is enough to get the endorphin levels rising. Also, they have a lot of character which gives them a robust and unique selling position. Overall, I like this track a lot. I do not hear anything hugely new but yet they have added to a sound which is already magnificent. Therefore, hats off to them. You can listen to the new single ‘Conquer’ by Near Death Experience below.