NATHAN JURRIES Shares “Origami”

Gap Year EP – Released June 2019

Nathan Jurries is a musician and performer hailing from Kansas City. Nathan is the modern-day McCartney, mastering a plethora of instruments. He plays the guitar, keyboard, sings, and uses a looping pedal to bring to life his one man band.

He released “Origami” – a quirky alt.folk/pop track in May, which teased the release of Gap Year, his EP which he released this month.

In May, Nathan toured his university home of Boston, Massachusetts and hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. He will be touring more this summer. Find his dates below.

Nathan’s musical journey began as a founding member of American Slim, who released their full length album, Irreplaceable, in 2017. This group, along with musical theatre in high school, gave Nathan the exposure he needed in order to realise his performative capabilities. Within a week of having started his one man band, hie was leaving his mark on audiences across open mics and smaller gigs. His songs explore themes such as masculinity, navigating emotional struggle, and personal experiences. His primary goal is to create an experience for listeners and ultimately to add value to their lives. Nathan firmly believes that music is one constant in our lives that has the ability to uplift even the most demoralised of souls. Nathan Jurries is bound to leave his mark no matter where he goes, wherever life and music may take him.

Tour Dates:

June 7 – The Rino, Kansas City, MO

June 15 – Riverside Music Festival, Riverside, MO

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