Nathaje Releases Charming Music Video for ‘Follow the Light’

The lead single of electro-pop singer Nathaje’s upcoming album, ‘Follow the Light’ was recently premiered along a charming, humorous and dreamy music video filmed in Switzerland…

“‘Follow The Light’ is about thinking how much big cities can be overwhelming. We are moving so far away from nature that we don’t see the big picture anymore. We cover everything with concrete and we get caught in the routine following a life model that doesn’t necessarily fit our inner beliefs.

Born in Brazil though now based in Switzerland, Nathaje is not afraid to explore subjects that many still feel uncomfortable talking about: depression, anxiety and grief, as well as lighter topics such as procrastination and living life to the full.

‘Follow the Light’ directly confronts this modern tendency to suffocate emotions and surround oneself with noise and activity in order to remain comfortably numb.