MwS Are the Sound of Summer on ‘Show Me Love’

Italian duo MwS are making a name for themselves in London as one of the most exciting names in Neo-Soul..

Placing themselves in league with the likes of Marie Dahlstrom and Charlotte Day Wilson, the duo have worked hard to build their following. Since moving to London (on the day the country left the EU) The pair have been working with a host of producers to build a fanbase in the capital.

They’ve since been supported by BBC Radio 1Xtra, The 405, Clash Magazine.

Looking forward to 2019 – Their next EP features some of their most distinctive tracks. The latest being “Show Me Love”, a soulful cut of summer joy. On the track, the duo state

When you’re confused and young and full of questions, when you have big plans but you feel you don’t have the support of anyone. Your friends are not really listening a part from this guy, this one person that always believed in you, the only person that understands all the crazy things you say everyday, he/she is always been there right in front of you and you haven’t realized it until now. So you just decide to restore the balance and spend your time with the people that count, that give you good energy and positive vibes.”