Music and art collective The.Wav releases ‘Make More Love’ EP

You don’t often come across such diversity in music groups as you do The.Wav who have flourished in their music career with accolades from the likes of The Fader, Billboard and OKAY Africa.

The music and art collective group are a fusion of Indonesian, Native American, Trinidadian, Afro-Cuban, Tanzanian, and Italian backgrounds who all now have been hurled into New York & Los Angles bringing with them a spirt so soulful and fresh whilst integrating influences of the African diaspora to create positive impact partnerships through music, events and community.

Joining forces with underground Birmingham based producer Screama, The.Wav  drop their collaborative EP ‘Make More Love’, leading the way with first single ‘What I Need.’

Consisting of five poignant, fresh and soulful tracks the EP will take you to a new dimension musically. ‘What I Need’ is a flirty, lustrous up-beat love song, bound together by different vocals from The.Wav, all carefully constructed together with a catchy hook, laced with emotive and beautiful sounds.

Screama has helped mould the sounds of Brum working relentlessly in the studio since 2011 on a variety of all music genres from dubstep to crunk, hip hop, house and uptempo R&B, along with his own style SimplexXx. He’s worked with a huge slice of Birmingham’s top grime collective, Stay Fresh, including Movez, PhePhe, Abbee Audio, Manga, Trilla, HD/Wizzy Wang, Merkury and many more.

Adding further to the collaborative and diverse impact of the release, the EP is the first to drop since signing to the England/Liverpool footballer Daniel Sturridge’s label, Dudley Road Records. The Birmingham based label launched in late 2017 and has gone from strength to strength keeping bass driven sounds at its heart. Now with the latest release, both The.Wav and the Dudley Road Records are on course to place themselves at the heart of independent music for 2019.