How often are you distracted at a gig? A text message, people talking while the band are playing, the till at the bar crunching. Mount Forel are aiming to change all that, with a special one-off gig in the dark, where the entire audience will be blindfolded. With your hearing heightened in the dark, the gig will give fans a chance to immerse themselves completely in the music – and Mount Forel’s music lends itself perfectly to this. 

Set to take place on July 30th in Walthamstow’s Grade II listed Mirth, Marvel and Maud building housing a pub, cinema and cultural centre. The building is famous for having been frequented by Alfred Hitchcock. With the recent ‘Borough of Culture’ events taking place at the moment, this unique event will be well placed. Tickets are on sale here.

Having blown the roof off Autonomy Music Group’s Official Alternative Escape Showcase in Brighton earlier this year, and more recently at a gig at Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch, Mount Forel have released two singles to date. Last month’s ‘Greenland’, a song initially inspired by climate change, and debut single ‘America’, a sprawling six-minute epic featuring psych Neil Young esc guitars and schizophrenic drums. 

Not your average band – the members of Mount Forel hail from across the globe. Denver Colorado, The Wirral, Osaka, Northern Ireland, Dunedin New Zealand, Tokyo and Manchester to be precise. If you’re counting more places than band members you aren’t going mad, each member of Mount Forel counts at least 2 places as home. Earlier this year the band played a rather special show at Ushuaia Tattoo in London’s SW6, where fans were ‘tattooed’ with Mount Forel logos. 

Listen to ‘Greenland’ here.
Listen to ‘America’ here.