Morgane Matteuzzi welcomes us to her “Nightmare” – single review

Morgane Matteuzzi is back with a new trap metal banger Nightmare. Starting a new chapter of her artistic path, delving into trap metal. Thanks to the brand new production by metal producer Brian Spencer (Sid from Slipknot and Scarlxrd) Nightmare presents a sound that is much more refined than her previous work. She transitioned from cinematic Opera to a new era. With a sound that reminds XXXTentacion and adds the magic of her signature opera vocals, Morgane creates this alternative reality that feels vivid. Listening to this track almost feels like being Alice in Wonderland but in a dark world.

Morgane talks about depression and the struggles one might have when fighting their inner demons and not finding the keys to solve their problems. Of the track, Morgane explains “I really wanted people who listen to this song to understand that they are not alone struggling with their thoughts and feeling of loneliness”.

The guitars in the intro added to the powerful trap bass and her unique voice are something brilliant. Honestly, I never know what to expect before clicking play but I know my mind will be blown. I cannot wait to listen to more from Morgane. Her extreme talent to create beautiful art from suffering is something just majestic. She is the sorceress of experimental trap, raising the bar of this genre to a whole new level.

If her Nightmare keeps being this good then I don’t want to wake up.