Morgane Matteuzzi returns with new single “You Don’t Care”

Morgane Matteuzzi returns with the fresh new track You Don’t Care. Starting with a haunting introduction whispering the hell out of the listener, not even the time to understand exactly what’s going on, that she starts singing her enchanting operatic harmonies. It sounds like a completely new genre, “Distorted Opera Electro”, as she calls it. Gothic but electronic, twisted but hypnotizing and most of all operatic and yet distorted.

She teamed up with Etienne Pelosoff (Trve Brutal Black Jazz) on production, and it stands out with both the powerful bass and the sudden drops that keep the listener hooked and in a state constant suspense. It is also mesmerizing to listen to how operatic and distorted fry vocals coexist in the same track, and how blended together they create something new and refreshing. Definitely worth a listen if you’re into experimental avant-garde music.

It is also delightful to see how effortlessly she switches from one vocal technique to another. A rare talent.

Of the track, Morgane elaborates “my objective was to convey the feelings people go through when being stuck in a toxic relationship. In this creation, you can not only experience the desperation that so many people feel being on a dark and endless journey to which there is no end, but also the sheer sense of relief when they realise that there is real hope and light at the end of the tunnel”.

Honestly, I cannot wait what else Morgane will come up with in the future, definitely someone to keep on your release radar.