A delicate narrative of introspection shrouded in lucid psychedelia. 

Following from the release of his debut EP, Israeli artist and producer Eshchar Nachmany has released a stunning set of visuals for single ‘Turning Wheels’,

Filmed in Tel-Aviv’s central bus station, the brutalist structure appears to hold its own twisted logic. Whereas the upper floors play host to half a million daily commuters, the basement levels have become an underground haven for artists – taking over the abandoned space if only for a little while.

Esh offers a little insight into the curation of the accompanying visuals: “I think we tried to further explore this theme of transformation,of movement – emotionally and physically. We weren’t necessarily choreographing the dancers with the music (although we did do it on some of the last scenes),but we were mostly trying to observe the scene and to let the group’s energy ebb,flow and intensify, while desires or aggression come to the surface.”

Monad’s debut eponymous EP began in an avocado grove, where Nachmany was surrounded by the ocean and bountiful orchards. In an isolated house in the Moshav, Israel, Esh began to build a studio from scratch, remodeling broken tape machines and synths to construct layers of dreamy soundscapes and surrealistic futurism.

Monad’s recent visual project is a startling representation of the artist’s intricate creative talent.