Miss Christine’s political moves on “Entitled”

Miss Christine Calls Out Double Standards & Pays Tribute To Her Feminist Icons With “Entitled”

Miss Christine has shared the video for her single “Entitled”. The track is a punky slice of indie rock that grapples with music industry sexism and double-standards. Having spent years working in Nashville as a ‘hired gun’ on bass guitar, Christine Moad felt driven to reveal the seedier elements of the professional music scene. She explains, “the ‘Entitled’ music video was inspired by experiences I’ve had while being a hired gun as well as stories that I’ve heard from my friends over the years.” Notably, Christine uses this video to shed light the harsh reality that sexism is not an issue limited to a specific part of the gender spectrum, as she says, “It really upsets me when my male friends get harassed that their harassment is not taken as seriously.”

Christine’s message is put forth in various ways throughout the “Entitled” video. Various unwanted physical interactions play out while in a separate scene, Christine lists a number of comments that have actually been used to target her and her friends after her gigs. Throughout the video Christine and her bandmates each pay tribute to a feminist icon by emulating their respective styles. The women honored are none other than: Rosie the Riveter, Patti Smith, Coco Chanel, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Gloria Steinem.

“Entitled” is taken from Miss Christine’s upcoming album, Conversion. After achieving the ultimate musician’s dream of touring internationally and securing steady side gigs in Nashville, Tennessee, Conversion is her bold step forward in combating the sexist standards the industry faces.

Conversion is the result of Christine’s return to her roots in her home state of Iowa. Having made the decision to leave Nashville, Christine settled on a farm and used that time in solitude to explore the inner workings of her mind. Meditation became part of her daily routine. In her new surroundings she found she had the wherewithal to reflect on her time in Nashville. “Sometimes we have to leave behind what we know to discover how much better things can be”, she explains.

Stargazing in the flyover state beside her library of Beatles memorabilia, Christine crafted the foundations of her debut full-length. Indie rock, new wave, bluesy soul influences and more all find their home within a punky grit and the heartfelt lyrical topics. Gender, personal strength, challenging relationships, and the current political climate in the United States are just some of the subjects tackled in Conversion. It’s clear that in finding a new home in Iowa, Christine found her true voice.

The release of Conversion follows the EPs Monkeyin’ Around (2012) and Dichotomy (2014). These releases caught love from What’s My Scene, KUNI (NPR radio affiliate), and more.

Miss Christine’s U.S. tour dates are listed below.

Tour Dates:

7/5/19 – Portland, ME – The Thirsty Pig

7/6/19 – Portsmouth, NH – Portsmouth Book & Bar

7/10/19 – Somerville, MA – The Burren

7/12/19 – Newburyport, MA – Commune Cafe

7/13/19 – Ipswich, MA – Iron Curtain Studio

7/17/19 – Providence, RI – AS220

7/18/19 – Pittsfield, MA – Rainbow Restaurant

7/19/19 – Albany, NY – Parish Public House

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