Mike Patrick Releases Powerful Visuals Alongside His ‘Piano Album’

The phrase ‘somethings are better left unsaid’ is used to convey a message of deeper understanding. Often without words and someone else’s perspective, we are able to see and hear things that connect to us in a much more profound way.  

In a time of such significant social unrestMike Patrick’s release of ‘The Piano album couldn’t have come at more of a poignant time. 13 piano-led instrumental tracks, that include powerful titles such as ‘Martin, Malcolm, Marvin’, ‘Kings & Queens’, ‘Difficult Times’ and ‘Black British’, the incredible intricacies, emotion and variation in tone that are captured within the self-composed piecesare a musical moment to be embraced. The gift of Patrick’s instrumental sounds give the freedom to each unique listener to interpret and evoke their own personal feelings within their listening experience of the record, making it a space to retreat tofeel their innermost emotions and collect their thoughts away from the turmoil of the outside world. 

An accomplished pianist, keyboardist, songwriter, producer and arranger, Mike Patrick is a technically flawless and versatile musician“This record is an expression of some of my journey through life. As a musician I feel I have something to say. It turns out, I can play my experiences as well as say them. 

Growing up in a family that encouraged artistry and expressiveness, Mike Patrick’s talent came to fruition in his local church where he was surrounded by soulful, uplifting, enlightening and engaging musical experiences. As time and his talent progressed, he made the move to London from Luton beginning his journey as a musician and joining the chain of session musicians all looking for their break. Mike’s determination and dexterous musicianship soon placed him in high demand, and despite having never had a piano lesson or the ability to read music, he became a regular keys player for high-profile acts seeing him tour with the likes of Emeli Sande, Ella Mai, Ms Banks, JP Cooper, Jocelyn Brown, and most notably Mike Skinnerwhere his musical contribution became a vital component of The Streets sound to this day. He headlined Glastonbury in 2019 alongside Mike Skinner, has written and recorded with Idris Elba and has also been endorsed by music giant Yamaha as a keyboard Ambassador, which also made him the first Black British artist to perform at the company’s 45th Anniversary in Japan 2019. 

Releasing a compelling video on SBTV to accompany ‘Martin, Malcolm, Marvin’, the powerful, emotive, jazz infused composition plays along to the harrowing scenes of today’s reality with news snippets, racial divide and atrocities throughout the world yet alongside the enriching, hopeful crescendo of the track, comes scenes of peaceful protests, unity and finishes notably with Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.  

With everything that’s going on in our world today, nobody can say music isn’t important. Good music is loyal and will always ‘prop you back up’ as long as you allow it. Whoever has good music, will always have something tangible.” 

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