Mike Bauer’s Digital Single “Wild” Out Now

Mike Bauer Celebrates “Wild”: Digital Single Out Now

Los Angeles songwriter, Mike Bauer, returns with the digital single, “Wild”; a laid back cut of melodic acoustic soul that belies the songs darker underbelly. Bauer found his inspiration for “Wild” when he encountered a woman who had recently escaped an abusive relationship. The single serves as a statement of solidarity and encouragement for women in similar positions. Bauer uses compelling imagery to describe the strength displayed by the subject with “fire in her veins” and “chaos with a confidence”.

He explains, “It was a message I felt she needed to hear and one that I thought many other women could relate to.”

“Wild” illuminates the beauty that comes through despite the woman’s distressing situation.

As with all of Bauer’s compositions, “Wild” exudes the same careful intertwining of vintage influences and playful contemporary flourishes. The song is co-written with songwriter Joel Van Dijk (Aloe Blacc, Robin Hannibal) and producer/songwriter/arranger Adam Berg.  

Bauer’s smooth musical style has been nurtured from an early age by both internal and external influences. Bauer grew up with first-hand experience of a musician’s lifestyle with professional musicians in the family. His dad is none other than Laurence Welk. His sister is a pro cellist sister. Exposure to other musical talents further helped forge his musical style. He is a fan of jazz artists like Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. He is also a rock fan, loving groups like Queen and Led Zeppelin. Bauer also loves pop and is a fan of R&B stars like New Edition and Boyz II Men.

“Wild” follows the release of Bauer’s live-shot video “Window Watching” and the release of the single “Sky So Blue”. His other music, including singles “One Piece At a Time” and “Sugar” and his previous album, “Financial Aid, Vol. 2” are available for streaming on all digital platforms. See them below.