Miesha & The Spanks have always moved fast and been ready to go – with releases, tour dates, and festivals. The duo have always had a strong and steady momentum. 

Last year Miesha got pregnant, and the band had to modify a lot of their routine. They played Great Escape and Focus Wales in the UK five months into the pregnancy, and left the summer for writing/recording – which was a bad idea, because Miesha was having twins, and her brain pretty much turned itself off. 

Slowing down felt crazy! She wrote “Unstoppable while talking myself back into that hustle, getting back on her feet, and reminding herself of what she does every day.

Miesha & The Spanks hope “Unstoppable” hits home if you’ve been feeling a little lethargic after months of quarantine. Let it encourage you to shake off any cobwebs and slide back into what you do best – or better yet, go hard for something that until now has only been a daydream.

To put yourself out there and take that huge leap –  that’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

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