Michael Blum Gets Personal in New Summer Single “PROMISES”

After the success of his first single “Taking You Back” in March, LA-based artist Michael Blum unleashes another pop tune that is sure to be on everyone’s summer playlist.

“Promises” combines Blum’s soulful vocals, reminiscent of Sam Smith, with a smooth fresh electro-pop composition making it addictive. The new single saw Blum collaborating with songwriter Ben Samama. The two created an honest lyrical track that helped Blum open up about his own struggle with anxiety.

Reflecting on the single’s inspiration, Michael Blum says, “When we wrote ‘Promises,’ there was a lot of uncertainty in my life, and that uncertainty is really what the song is about. At the time, I wasn’t living in LA full-time, but I was leaning more towards moving there. However, my girlfriend wasn’t so sure about moving to LA. So the whole song sort of narrates that stage in my life and in our relationship. I was at a point where I was honestly asking, ‘where do we go from here?’”

Michael Blum’s New Single “Promises” on Spotify

Along with becoming a more staple songwriter, Blum transitions over to a pop music producer. In the past, Michael Blum dabbled with producing, but more so in the realm of jazz. With “Promises”, Blum tackled producing pop music: “There were definitely some sleepless nights working on little things, like finding just the right synth sound.”

That is to say, Michael Blum has certainly transcended into the pop world as not only an acclaimed songwriter but as a music producer. With “Promises” out in perfect time for summer, we are sure to hear this track everywhere!