Mesmerising new single from The Super Pumas

The Super Pumas have released their anthemic new single ‘Circles Roaming’. The first song from their soon to be released highly anticipated debut album.

Besides The Super Pumas growing a large fan base in their home town of Inverclyde, they have also gained recognition all across the U.K.  Their sound ranges from sparkling indie rock, to grungy modern punk and this release is a fantastic demonstration of that versatility. The track is already proving highly popular with radio stations making sure this is in the their winter playlists. 

‘Circles Roaming’ starts with a mellow, melodic verse. It then transcends into spacious drums and luscious clean guitars, before hitting the listener hard with huge, driven riffs and an anthemic chorus. As a result of its soaring lead vocal and ‘wall of sound’ style production, it’s the sort of song that would work equally well in a small basement as it would on the Glastonbury main stage.

The Super Pumas express themselves brilliantly. Comparatively, a sense of struggle can be heard with the lyrics ‘Circles roaming round your head I’ll try and straighten them out again’. In fact, this track will take you on an emotional journey throughout and leave you itching to click the repeat button. 

Furthermore, The Super Pumas are the type of band who come around only once in a blue moon. Therefore, this release will surely cement the bands name in the hottest new indie bands of 2019. If you love guitar music, be sure to give ‘Circles Roaming’ a listen. Besides the single, get ready for The Super Pumas debut album also coming very soon.