What I crave most in new musicians, is original and fresh material. It always excites me when a new name brings something innovative to the forefront, and Meg Lawrenson has done just that here on ‘Use My Body’.

She takes a leaf out of the books from artists who have come before her. But yet shes adds a tactility which many will struggle to find elsewhere. Starting is a strong intro with a thunderous drum beat and a nail-biting guitar lead. It is a unique approach for a singer-songwriter who is more used to sticking to a softer sound, but I am enjoying the new procedure.

The bang it starts with is the perfect way to hook; it catches like a fisherman’s pole. From the intro, Meg captivates with a top-class vocal performance with her often delivering soft and powerful singing. She sings about her actual love experiences; you can tell this topic is close to her heart just from the way she articulates her message. I read that the singer is a great storyteller before listening to ‘Use My Body’, and I can see how Meg has got that reputation. She sings with an open book approach, and nothing is left behind which I enjoy. Also, her story is conspicuous and although negative at times, does also provide plenty of feel good.

As a whole, it is a pretty sublime track from the upcoming indie-pop star. Meg is not reinventing the wheel in any stretch of the imagination, but what she does is reignite innovation into this already popular genre. Also, she has a quality which many will find arduous to ignore. You can listen to ‘Use My Body’ by Meg Lawrenson below.

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