Meet Bugsy With her hard-hitting misogyny crushing video release for “Fuckboy”

Immerse yourself in Bugsy’s world with the release of the “Fuckboy” music video. The embodiment of allyship within the feminist community, Bugsy encourages you to take down the patriarchy with her in this new VR experience. “Fuckboy” incorporates beautifully blended harmonies with killer guitar slaps all laid over a catchy war cry of a chorus.

The video was directed by videographer and Nir Netzer. This past year, Nir participated in the Oculus Launchpad 2018, directed three 360 experiences for DreamworksTV, and a 360 investigative video for Oxygen Network.

“Fuckboy” instantly grabs the listener’s attention, opening with Bugsy’s angelic voice complimented by a chorus of women. The whole work is an anthem of female empowerment and a middle finger to misogynistic men. The colorful scene changes between reality and a space-age VR world. Along with Bugsy’s infectious chorus, will most definitely keep viewers watching until the end.       

“Fuckboy” is the first of its kind to incorporate 3D art, compositing, and audio-reactive elements in a VR environment. With all of its unique elements, Bugsy’s new video marks a refreshing addition to feminist culture.