Danish duo Me & Munich are set to release their debut EP on September 20th via ScreamLite Records. The duo, hailing from Denmark, have already forged a path with their melodic post rock as Shocking White and Ear & Dark. This new chapter as Me & Munich coincides with a more developed sound, something which caught the attention of the label. “We were really impressed with what we heard in the pre-mix stage and we just had to add the band to our roster,” said director Chris Bowen of the news. “They’re a band that are joining an illustrious group of post rock/noise rock bands and this release really showcases their best work.” While not technically their recorded debut, this first release under the moniker Me & Munich will be available on all major digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc) and www.screamliterecords.bandcamp.com on THURSDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2018

This unusual release date is to coincide with the birthday of Jan Petersen, singer & guitarist for the band, who can be found at facebook.com/meandmunichband.

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When you think rock duo, the names that spring immediately to mind are The White Stripes and Royal Blood. And that’s fine for most people, but lying around the fringes of mainstream rock, are duos that move away from the mainstream polish and bluesy riffs into something a little more…noisy.

From the second the buzzsaw guitar kicks in on title track “Knives Of The Sun,” you can see you’re in for a treat, the song developing into the bastard son of the aforementioned Royal Blood and the Pixies, melody lines shining through the distortion like beacons the guide you through. There are elements of post rock, noise rock and ambient rock here, the entire EP ebbs and flows with vigor.

This Danish duo have a vast amount of experience between them, having been part of many of Denmark’s more admired underground bands, specifically Shocking White. After 8 years under that moniker, a shift in songwriting style led to their name change, something that brings about a fresh approach while still maintaining their lo-fi credentials.

Jan Petersen is reminiscent of Frank Black while the drumming of Marco Bøgehøj has the same vivacity and pummeling energy you’d find in a Taylor Hawkins performance, underpinning the fluid guitar lines that drive this release throughout.

Me & Munich have picked up the baton from Shocking White and sprinted away with it. This release has all the elements of something incredible, and it’ll be the earworm that finds it’s way into everyone’s subconscious.

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