Matthew Pinder Gives Us Time with New Album

Opening with his quintessential delicate vocals, Matthew Pinder helps listeners find their “Golden Hour” with his new album, Give Me Some Time.  Instantly in a place of reflection and relaxation, Pinder sets the tone of Give Me Some Time – an album written about everything from grappling with heartbreak to finding hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

The first three minutes of the album are soon followed by an upbeat change in tempo with the song “St. Paul, MN”.  After finding love in the city of St.Paul, the album continues to seamlessly flow between an interchanging set of soft, melancholic tracks and upbeat songs throughout its entirety.

Pinder shows off his creative abilities with the lyrics of each song, painting descriptive scenes with every passing emotion. In the song “Flooded” Pinder sings, “Don’t call me tomorrow, I can’t come to my phone when my throat is closed shut”. Again, in the title track “Give Me Some Time” Pinder pleads with the listener to stick around, promising to come around and recover from his emotions if only given the time to do it.

Indeed – Give Me Some Time reflects on an emotional period for the Bahamian singer-songwriter. Facing the passing of his mother amidst writing and recording the album, Pinder admits that many of the songs began to take on a new meaning.  Listening throughout, it becomes easy to connect with Pinder in the range of emotions he presents. Vulnerable and intimate to the very core, Pinder uses his music to reach out to the listener and connect deeper than words will allow for.

The album closes in a poignant piano ballad written for his mother who was taken by cancer.  “Rest” is undoubtedly the most emotional track on the album with lyrics that can’t help but strike an emotional chord in both the listener and Pinder himself. 

“This sounds unreal I know what you feel everyday is another chance to hold on so I’ll be the shoulder that you rest upon.”

Lyrics from “Rest”

Although this is his first full-length album, Pinder is no newcomer to the scene. His previous single releases quickly garnered attention from thousands of fans, landing in the Spotify curated playlist Folk & Friends and among top magazines and music blogs.  Produced in full by Chris Jacobie (Penny & Sparrow, Jarrod Dickenson, Duncan Fellows), Give Me Some Time subtly foreshadows that Matthew Pinder is only going up from here in his music career….. just give him some time to get there.