Matthew Pinder Aches in “St. Paul, MN”

Bringing an upbeat rock-esque tone to his otherwise established indie-folk sound, Matthew Pinder embraces the heartache of finding love in a city with his new song “St.Paul, MN”.  Accompanied by a music video created by Southbound Creative, Pinder expresses an anguished emotion as he seemingly confesses the love he didn’t see coming. Fighting through heartbreak, Pinder uses the single to show off a new vocal styling than what we’ve seen before – this time one that entices listeners to bop their heads right along in agreement with the upbeat, fast paced musical tone.

Although a newcomer, the Bahamian artist is making serious waves in the indie music community.  Pinder’s first single “Golden Hour” introduced Matthew’s unique island style of indie-folk music and garnered attention from a sudden onslaught of thousands of new listeners.His subsequent single “Break My Heart and Let Me Go”  premiered in Atwood Magazine and was described as “mesmerizingly bittersweet” with both songwriters “plaintively pouring their souls into a microphone, as emotionally vulnerable as their performance is raw.”

The single also introduced Pinder to a mass of new fans when it was featured on the Spotify curated playlist, Folk & Friends. All three of his recent singles are from his upcoming album, Give Me Some Time, due to be released April 12th. Give Me Some Time is a collection of ten songs that span the emotions of fighting through heartbreak to striving for hope. Written and recorded amidst grappling with the death of his mother, the album is a truly intimate and moving piece of work that represents a season of mixed emotions for the young singer-songwriter. Judging by his previous works, Pinder’s upcoming album will be one that is anticipated by many.