Alt. pop artist Matt Hylom has released “Headspace”, a vibey new single that showcases his soulful vocal style and tight electronic production

Hylom’s lyrics are reflective, confessional and cutting in their honesty. “I’m neck deep trying to stay afloat, ‘cause I’m making failed decisions left and right” he states, before opening up “‘cause I’ve been in and out of jobs like confessionals. Unprofessional. Late to work again from sipping on the ethanol”. This is not an exercise in self-loathing  though, Hylom is taking ownership as he declares “I’mma take another shot, so I’m getting in the headspace”.

“Headspace” speaks to all of us who have ever paused to look back, felt the heart sink of defeat and had to dig deep to find the strength to get back up and try again.

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Matt on “Headspace”

“Headspace is a song about making mistakes, and getting into the mental state of being willing to try again, despite the odds. The art is a ‘target’, which harkens back to the line ‘I missed the mark trying to find my place’. The idea behind that line is the analogy of an arrow shooting towards a target, being similar to setting life goals, and having a purpose. That analogy actually dates all the way back to Aristotle. When you realize you’ve made ‘missteps’ or ‘missed the mark’, you can either sit around and complain about it, or try to learn from your mistakes, and ‘take another shot’.”

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