maskenfreiheit – the freedom conferred by wearing a mask, is the moniker of the ever-evolving musical partnership of Megg Rorison and Ruben Elbrond-Palmer. The duo blend contemplative lyrics with chilling electronics and winding dream pop guitars, for an unforgettable sonic journey like no other.

Their debut self-released single ‘5 am’ is due for release April 17th and is a concrete representation of the duo’s artistry. ‘5 am’ is a significantly personal track to both Megg and Ruben, where themes surrounding anxiety and the uncertainties of being a young adult today’s overwhelming society are translated through Megg’s innate connection to nature and her empath trait. “’5 am’ touches on the way anxiety can collect in your body subconsciously, and the delay it can sometimes take before you realise that” they offer on the single.

Growing up in the rural outskirts of Canterbury, the two were raised less than a mile apart on many parallel influences and interests in art, music, and film. Meeting in their teens, Megg and Ruben have made music ever since in one form or another. Now between London and Kent, the duo have taken a moodier, more pensive form following themes of young adulthood, captured in atmospheric guitars and vivid cinematic electronic soundscapes.