Marcelø’s latest release ‘What Went Down’.

I Went Down is the latest release from Marcelø, formerly named The Kings in Ely Street. The Brazilian’s brand of of indie and folk rock are wrapped up in social commentary discussing the greed, despair, and alienation of today’s social climate.

Discussing the release, Marcelø says:

“I Went Down is a song that predicts a society’s point of view in the future, where we’re all looking back and realising the things that went wrong and got lost along the way. Everybody is changing by modern life, and it’s bringing irreversible consequences. Dependence on electronics, egocentricity generated by social networks, lack of environmental awareness are all behaviours that keep bringing us down, and will eventually lead us into the dark times. I Went Down is a song about you and me. It’s a song about what we are doing wrong and what we are not doing right about ourselves”