Máni Orrason releases ‘I Swear It’s True’

Ready for a night out and with glitter on his face he steps into his ride. As if by magic, it chauffeurs him through the fog-shrouded urban night, cornering and driving, rolling and racing – and still, not arriving anywhere. Or does it? And if so: When and where actually? Well, where answers are lacking, one tool, in particular, has proven pretty successful in the past: good music. And this little film is flooded with just that. 

The music video typifies the hardships Máni Orrason bravely struggles within his new single ‘I Swear It’s True’: agonizing fears for the future, unfulfilled longings, obstacles that life throws in the way of those in love – preferably, of course, right when everything seems to be running smoothly, and you just want to hold on to this moment forever. 

With ‘I Swear It’s True’, Máni Orrason pulls you right into the middle of it all – his upcoming EP as well as his emotional life. It’s a love song that’s not dedicated to a loved one per se, but rather to those circumstances, the potholes.

It’s the second single off of a record that’s all about falling in love and what happens after. It takes us back to the moment where Máni’s newfound love, just having started, had to turn into a long distance relationship. Confronted with challenges many lovers have to face, he found himself yearning for the early days of their romance, when everything seemed so much easier. A pivotal moment turned into a pivotal song. And similar to the car ride, there’s no moving forward and no quick solution here either. “When it’s us on the line, there’s no easy way out” Máni sings, managing to turn his dilemma into a powerful and hopeful song. Not at all in vain, because they are reunited at last.

And the soundtrack is already underway: The EP ‘Baby Angel’ comprises six sparkling new pop songs and will be released in June 2019. 
Almost five years have passed since Máni Orrason became famous overnight in his native country Iceland. Out of nowhere, he popped right into the center of the music world’s attention with his pop-folk hit ‘Fed All My Days’, securing him his first festival slots. Already his debut album ‘Repeating Patterns’ and the follow-up EP ‘Wake Me Up’ testified to his musical excellence.

‘Baby Angel’ is further proof that this exceptional artist is not only ahead of his age, but increasingly also ahead of the times.