Macklemore releases new track ‘Marmalade’

Set to release a solo album, Macklemore recently released one of the new songs of the EP, ‘Marmalade’. Teamed up with Lil’ Yachty, Macklemore’s track is on pure auto-tune, however with catchy piano hooks that make you feel it is a true summer anthem track.

Macklemore parted ways with his cohort and friend Ryan Lewis. Macklemore stated on Instagram “After the last tour, Ryan and I agreed that some creative space would be good for the both of us,” he wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption. “Ryan Lewis is my brother forever. We have been working together damn near every day for 9 years and it felt like the right time. This decision came from a place of love for one another.”

Even if his collaboration partner, Ryan Lewis is absent on this new album, the first two tracks dropped have been collaborations with others. The first track released, ‘Glorious’ was with Skylar Grey and the second track with Lil’ Yachty. Macklemore discussed in a recent interview how the recently released tracks are staggeringly different, however accredited it to writing tracks to reflect the feelings he was having at the time,”I always try to give a different palette of sounds and textures and vibes. [With] this album… I was in a good place man. There’s some darker songs, for sure, but, for the most part, like, if I’m in a happy place and life is good, then that’s gonna be reflected on the album.”

Lil Yachty recently released a new album in May 2017 called “Teenage Dreams”. Macklemore’s new ablum does not currently have a release date.