Mackenzie Shrieve’s “Wonderful” is a candid portrayal of heartbreak

Singer-songwriter Mackenzie Shrieve writes music with her heart on her sleeve. Her latest visual release “Wonderful” is a candid portrayal of heartbreak, inviting listeners to explore emotional intimacy through her personal lyricism.

Based in New York, Mackenzie uses personal experiences to narrate her musical journey. Drawing attention to the city’s minutiaes, she takes her audience on a nostalgic, heartfelt journey through the busy metropolis. 

“‘Wonderful’ is about the hardest parts of a relationship and about missing things that make it undeniably unique. It’s like writing a journal entry while you’re holding your breath in the form of a song. It’s definitely one of the hardest and most transportive songs for me to perform” Mackenzie offers. 

The track was curated in her childhood home at the family’s piano, coming together in a cathartic rush over a hot, hazy summer afternoon. 

Infusing her music with a rich array of indie, folk and pop melodies, Mackenzie’s sound is inherently unique.

Tune in below.