London singer-songwriter Lyla Foy has today shared a new taster of her forthcoming second album Bigger Brighter, with the unexpectedly sanguine Try My Heart. Another example of Lyla laying her feelings bare, the single provides a further glimpse into the emotional journey she experienced throughout the process of writing the album. Following a premiere on Wonderland, you can listen and watch another one of her brilliant accompanying animated videos here. Lyla explains more about the song below:

“With this song I’m trying to be frank about cyclical swings in temperament and I wanted to set all that talk about feelings to a driving, Krautrock-esque beat. It’s made all the more bizarre with Gina Tratt’s animated video which makes me question my sanity. Enjoy!”

Bigger Brighter will be released on September 14th 2018, and includes previously released, BBC 6Music supported single Far Behind You featuring Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev, the thought-provoking No God and the beautifully enchanting Suckermoon. Also featuring on the album is John Paul White of Civil Wars for the track Bring Flowers. The record was mixed by Patrick Wimberly (Chairlift/MGMT/Solange).

In Lyla’s words…

“From fantasy to bedlam and religion to feminism, Bigger Brighter covers some ground. With this record, one of the main things I recognise is that I’ve been more explicit with my lyrics and I feel slightly uncomfortable revealing this insight into my character.

Bigger Brighter was made with my longtime collaborator and boyfriend at the time, Oli Deakin (songwriter and producer, aka Lowpines). While I was conceiving the words and melodies, he was instrumental in the musical vision and the whole process, alongside me. Ever since we started this five years ago, it was always the two of us at its core: him and me. The production and the sound we realised could not have come about any other way.

While making the album we felt some acute highs and lows. It was like someone had scrambled our brains, and our confidence was so wavering and flimsy at times that we set to work on Bigger Brighter in a partially zombie-like state. Going through the motions was our therapy, so we readily threw ourselves into the task. We always found that making music was our happy place, but with all the energy that was going into creating that, there was less and less to sustain us romantically. So, while these songs were born, our relationship was doing the exact opposite. A part of me held on for dear life and a part of me was leaving, or had already left. In the end we decided amicably to go our separate ways but we somehow finished the album and what we’re left with is a window into that time.

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It wasn’t until a while afterwards that I could begin to hear my lyrics afresh and find, in retrospect, an understanding of how it felt to be in that bubble. And to make sense of it all I needed a bit of time away from the project, which is why it’s taken as long as it has to reach you. It’s raw in places and warm in others… some days parts of it hit too close to home and I struggle to listen, then other days the songs act as a gentle reminder, a memory of something special. I hope it can do the same for you.

During the final throes of the record’s completion I had the pleasure of working with one of my all time favourite singers, Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev), on Far Behind You. He brought a new dimension to the song and has become a sweet friend and collaborator. On Bring Flowers, the brilliant John Paul White (Civil Wars) lent us his tip-tap vocal tones and wove around me like we were in much closer proximity than Alabama >> London. To mix Bigger Brighter we recruited Patrick Wimberly (Chairlift/MGMT/Solange), whose meticulous sound brought a level of clarity and depth to the songs, that I really love.

This album comes as a release and also a relief to me. It’s saying goodbye to one cosmos and welcoming another, probably more chaotic one. Time to let it fly!”

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