Lydia Halloway’s “Lights Go Out” Will Get You Dancing Your Way Through A Breakup

Lydia Halloway returns with third single “Lights Go Out” a passionate and electrifying breakup single.

The New York-based Pop singer has a knack for writing songs that will get you all in your feels while dancing your heart out. Already releasing two super passionate electro-pop tracks, “Dancing To You” and “Gold” Halloway is showing her potential as an electro-pop artist.

Inspired by electronic music and Swedish-pop, Halloway has been working with Swedish producer Simon Jacobsson to blend her influences. With more traction with each release, Lydia is bringing the emerging sub-genre to American pop culture.

“Lights Go Out” was inspired after a relationship went awry. It’s that moment when you’re trying to get over an ex but just can’t shake them. You know they still think about you and aren’t better off without you, or at least thats what you tell yourself. At the end, Halloway admits this, muttering the words, “that’s what I’m telling myself.” Showing a more vulnerable side, Lydia reflects on what we say in order to move on and protect ourselves from being hurt.

Despite the serious nature of the song, the energized production, blaring horns and built-up production possess a cathartic release. “Lights Go Out’s” sound parallels its lyrics, giving you the perfect anthem to overcome a break up.

Lydia’s writing style packs a punch, pulling at your heartstrings, but what’s more is her ability to capture a sound that is just as captivating as her words.

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