Already a New Music Friday Spotify favourite, Luna Pines’ newest creation You’ll Miss It All, is something that blurs the line between dream pop and alternative music with a sprinkle of meaningful lyrics. To those who have been pressing that snooze button on the self-produced trio then it’s about time to introduce you.

The Leeds based band have been slowly getting the attention of key tastemakers like BBC Introducing, Clash, SoFar Sounds and many more.  Luna Pines are no stranger to performing in their hometown scene with gigs at prestigious venues like the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds.  The trio’s music has allowed them to support a range of acts in the creative capital, London. This type of support has led to a list of exciting shows in 2020, starting with their headline at The Hope & Anchor, Islington, to support their new modern electronica effort.

You’ll Miss It All is a melodic track that narrates a pride in past achievement, noticing the different person you are now. Within their music, Luna Pines promote appreciation of surroundings as being key to fulfilment. The emotively placed lyrics are perfectly combined with the beautiful, dream-like atmosphere built from a trio that knows pain, and the struggle of moving forward…

“For me I remember reminding myself that I’d managed to overcome a severe anxiety disorder where I couldn’t leave the house, to being able to move to London and do things I never thought I could do. You might never have everything but you’ll always have something – and that’s so important to remember or you’ll end up missing all the great things around you.” Lotte, Keys/Sampling/Vocals

Check it out, here.

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