LowRay Break it All Down on “Friends and the Fakers”

Minneapolis-based Americana rock duo LowRay, featuring singer/guitarist Daniel Fowlds (Pill Hill) and drummer James Irving (22-20s), announce they will release their debut LP, Friends and The Fakers, on Friday, November 9. Friends and the Fakers will be released on limited edition banana yellow opaque vinyl. The album will also be available on all major online streaming services.

All songs are penned by Fowlds, who takes a storyteller’s approach to lyric writing, though more often than not his material stems from personal experience. Case in point: the incendiary lead single and title cut from Friends and the Fakers, which recalls Damn the Torpedoes-era Tom Petty—both stylistically and in its cautionary message, which deftly blends heat-of-the-moment angst with detached wisdom.

“It’s about being treated like shit by someone you thought was your friend,” Fowlds explains. “But the point of it is, you made the choice to waste a bunch of your time with that kind of person. You have to learn from that experience and make better decisions moving forward.”

“Friends and The Fakers” is heavily stained with classic rock jams and influence. The relatable lyrics, “You get your joys between the friends and the fakers, givers and takers, superstar-makers…” stick out like a nail in your skull.