This is Brooklyn’s Lovehoney and let me tell ya, these guys are bringing the rock. I hasten to call it ‘classic rock,’ because I don’t want anyone immediately thinking this old man’s music. This is young and fresh and full of vibrancy.

“Open Door” is the first I’ve heard of them, but this is not their first rodeo. They’ve been dropping EPs every few months for the past year or so. Their previous release, Call Me, has more of an R&B vibe. Think Leon Bridges on steroids. But “Open Door” is all business. The production caught me off guard at first. But now, I’ve come to embrace the intentionally muffled production.

Dig This! is Lovehoney’s fourth EP, and the cover features a picture of guitarist Tommy White’s father as a young man. Similarly, the cover of Lovehoney’s first EP, Devil Woman, featured Alysia Quinones mom as a young woman. According to White, “Dig This! is a way to pay homage to a time when people wanted to listen to what someone had to say. We have our parents on album covers because we are a reflection of them and though we didn’t live in the 60s or 70s our music and style try to capture that moment.”

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