Louis Janus Thomas Gives Indie Pop A Playful Edge With Debut Track ‘Latino Booty Sunrise’.

Louis Janus Thomas has released his  debut single ‘Latino Booty Sunrise’. The single is an Indie/Pop/Jazz fusion which oozes with personality much like its creator. 

Fond of oddities and irregularities, Louis Janus Thomas is a fan of branding things with quirky distinctive names. Recording his debut single in a basement studio he dubbed as ‘The Upside Down Zebra’, ‘Latino Booty Sunrise’ is Louis Janus Thomas’ call to the youth to care a little less about making mistakes. 

Listeners can expect a highly dynamic composition merging both contemporary and older Indie influences. Mixing Bossa Nova style rhythms with wiry guitar lines, his smooth vocals paint a surrealist picture of modern young love where the protagonists are tangled in the worries of human error.