With all of the stress, traffic and smog in Los Angeles, it’s impressive that such a lovely sound can come from there. Leland and the Silver Wells are set to release their self-titled debut LP on the 14th of September. They’ve just dropped the first single and it’s a gem. “We Dissolve” kicks in with an addictive marimba, played by the very talented Steve Gregoropoulos. When singer Leland Ettinger chimes in with her angelic voice, there was nothing that could be done to derail this beauty.

“This album was the product of many years of stops and starts in songwriting after the birth of my daughter,” Leland explains. “After I had her, it became very difficult to write, and I thought I would never be able to complete a song again. The songs on this album are composed of many of the scattered fragments I could come up with over these years, which I revisited on my iPhone and which miraculously came to life. After I composed three songs, I called my producer Marc Doten and we embarked on a two-year recording process. I worked with many of the same musicians I had worked with on my previous albums, but this time we spent a lot more time rehearsing, and we were able to create some interesting tempo changes and musical shifts that evolved during rehearsal.”

With Leland and the Silver Wells having reached its long road to completion, Ettinger is looking forward to bringing its songs to life on stage. “We’re excited to perform it live,” she says. “We had our first gig in March with an eight-piece band including trumpet and violin, and another one coming up in June, and I’m very excited about booking more dates.” No word yet if there will be any UK Dates, but we’ll keep you posted.

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