Loren North’s “Push It Away” is a beautiful ode to relationships

Loren North creates mindful pop music. Artfully combining her earnest songwriting with enchanting indie-pop melodies, “Push It Away” is a candid ode to love and relationships. 

Produced by Likeminds (Emily King, BØRNS, John Legend), the track is imbued with Loren’s honeyed lyrical inflections and rolling guitar melodies. “Based on this idea of no longer driving away someone’s love”, her layered vocal harmonies are rich and emotive – seeking emotional reassurance from a romantic partner. 

“I was going through a breaking point in a relationship when creating ‘Push It Away’ with the wonderful Brock Baker. While writing this song, I realised that I was the one pushing him away rather than it being the other way around. Funny how that happens”, Loren explains. “So yeah, that’s why it’s so meaningful to me – I was reminding myself that although this doesn’t look perfect, it’s not supposed to. I’m going to put my guard down now and let you in.”

Tune in below.