Lord Kesseli & The Drums open a vast cabinet de curiosité with ‘Wizard’

An ominous breeze blows in from Switzerland as the eccentric and unpredictable Lord Kesseli & The Drums announce their return from the studio with a new single, WIZARD, released internationally by Irascible and Bookmaker Records on Tue 16 October 2018. The ethereal bliss of breathless vocals, gossamer-light piano and synth percussion tumble into a hail of distorted guitars in five minutes of maverick noise, welcoming listeners back into the band’s chapel of warped psych and reaffirming the presence of ‘the Lord’.

Advising caution for the uninitiated, Lord Kesseli & The Drums (St. Gallen-based maverick multi-instrumentalist, Dominik Kesseli and drummer-producer, Michael Gallusser) don’t profess to make listening easy, yet their blend of rock and psychedelia, soft chords and crippling arpeggio have an indefinable allure. Professing to create music at the points at which science/empirical experience, robotics/humanity and psychosis/therapy intersect, Wizard’s dark beauty is a shimmering and shuddering welcome into their complex world. It is a world in which Lord Kesseli & The Drums pledge to offer “infernal heights and heavenly depths” and where “everything has an unhealthy, bittersweet taste”.

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One the back of the single, the band announces the follow up their self-titled, 2016 album with new long-player, Melodies of Immortality, released on Fri 23 November on double-vinyl, CD and digital download. A live version of untameable album opener, Chemical Mother, was teased through the band’s social media in September to offer the first, unsettling experience of the record. On the album’s eight tracks, the frantic Lord shows us – hidden under a ton of reverb and pathos – what his world is made of. He sings about his love for a robot, relates his psychotropic routine and recites the tale of a magician who duplicates him. When it comes to limits of sound and imagination, for Lord Kesseli & The Drums there are no limits.

Opening the way to fulfilment and creative flow, Lord Kesseli and The Drums’ instruments are tuned in A=432 Hz, an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. As a pure tone fundamental to nature, the payoff is natural harmony and balance of the third dimension, instigating connection to a higher consciousness.