Lloyd James Fay releases ambient new single ‘Idiocracy’

Introspective troubadour Lloyd James Fay returns with the release of his ambient new single Idiocracy, which is taken from his upcoming EP Fake Depth, out 8th May 2020.

On Idiocracy, Fay’s tender and evocative vocal is able to soar instantly. Gentle guitar strums are paired with pulsating drum beats, setting the tone perfectly for this intimate, lo-fi rock release. Throughout the EP ambient brushes of distortion are combined with poignant acoustic moments, creating a sound that is both atmospheric and undeniably thought-provoking. Talking about the EP, Fay elaborates, “the theme is reflecting on what the internet, social media and modern technology is doing to society. How we have never been more connected yet at the same time so divided as people silo into echo chambers and fall foul of cognitive biases. Reflecting on the best thing about the internet is that it has given everyone a voice and the worst thing is that is has given everyone a voice. Trying to capture the zeitgeist of this moment where a celebrity narcissist is the most powerful person on the planet because of Twitter. And from a personal point of view, my journey from being an internet utopian to a dystopian.”