There’s an honesty to Little Sister’s music; Tom (lead singer) has a gift for letting you in, evoking a wave of emotive and euphoric memories. The songs of ‘Money, Jeans, Sex & Guns’ jump lyrically from tales of failing careers and relationships to schizophrenic episodes and dreamscape scenarios; all aided by a driving beat, chorus bass, glossy guitars and retro synthesisers.

All the music is self-produced, self-recorded and pieced together across different locations, including bedrooms, garages and a cottage in France. This is where the lead single ‘Money, Jeans, Sex & Guns’ was first conceived of after drinking red wine outside in a thunderstorm.

When asked about the songs, singer Tom Farrer explains: “If I think about it, these songs are connected to a certain time period: often reflective, anxiety-driven and euphoric, like someone doing their best to grow up. ‘Money Jeans Sex and Guns’, to me, is about wanting to be in the place you’re are not. There’s a certain romance in that which I thrive on.”

This is a band to keep your eyes on!

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