Little Comets New Single – ‘American Tuna’ Released Today / Watch The Video

Little Comets return with the release of ‘American Tuna’. Out today via The Smallest Label, it’s an uplifting carnival of sound loosely based on nomadic keyboard player Matt Saxon’s cross-sea and ever-deepening relationship; a simple story using many of the percussive nuances and lyrical trademarks of earlier Little Comets’ releases. 

In three minutes almost entirely devoid of malice, the arc of a love affair is drawn by horns, piano and Gracelandic guitars. A direct and intentional contrast to previous efforts, ‘American Tuna’ embraces the need for escapism in a world which is falling apart. 

Meanwhile, Little Comets described how making the video for ‘American Tuna’ (which premiers next week) was a return to the past. Singer Rob explains: “We couldn’t get permission to film using the paternosta lift at Sheffield University but as we had previous form there in crashing university lectures and playing songs, we decided to risk been thrown out again and went ahead anyway.” 

Bass guitarist Matt takes up the story, “In the morning, we rehearsed the scenes in a nearby multi-story car park. Then at the lunchtime, with the help of two friends, we got all the props past Security and into the basement. Micky basically stayed in the open access lift for four hours filming as me and Rob raced up and down the levels to set up each scene.” 

Rob continues, “The only time we got stopped was when a woman from one of the offices, which were on every floor, asked us what we were doing. Micky had provided everyone with cover stories so I told her that we were filming a video so I could propose to my girlfriend. She was really lovely and said it was a very romantic thing to do so she left us to get on with it.” With the band’s fifth album due towards the end of 2019, the coming months will see more new songs accompanied by some very special touring news and a slight dose of nostalgia. 

And, for Robert, Michael and Matt from the Loyal Borough of Tyneside, the deafening clatter of progress and creation sings sweeter still – all backed by a mixture of family, truth and plant-based harmony. 

A mystery even to themselves, Little Comets are an equation in waiting.