Listen to Post Death Soundtrack’s ‘Let Your Colors Run’ remix album

Listen to Post Death Soundtrack’s ‘Let Your Colors Run’ remix album

Canadian psychedelic/industrial rock trio Post Death Soundtrack dropped their most recent full-length album, ‘The Unlearning Curve’, in May 2016. This record, which is available for free download right here, helped introduce the mixture of art rock and down tempo electronica that Post Death Soundtrack is known for to a wider audience. Consisting of musicians Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson, this experimental music trio have just recently shared a new remix album entitled ‘Let Your Colors Run – The Remixes’. This new release is available for purchase and download right now, and you can stream the entire record below.

Featuring 17 remixes from other artists and the members of the band, ‘Let Your Colors Run’ is a great companion to ‘The Unlearning Curve.’ While the album of original works was more curated for the band’s audience, these remixes allows the band to branch out to electronic-focused music fans. In a message posted alongside the collection of remixes, Post Death Soundtrack explained the process and thanked the collaborators for their new takes on the songs.

“We released the stems in the summer of 2016 and we were blown away by the range of interpretations and complete reimaginings of our work. It was an exciting and humbling process for us”, the band stated. “The tracks on this album are our favourite submissions alongside remixes by members of the band.”

Stream the full remix album, ‘Let Your Colors Run’ by Post Death Soundtrack right here:

‘Let Your Colors Run – The Remixes’ tracklisting is as follows:

1. ‘Our Time Is Now’ (Schrodinger’s Neurotransmitter Mix by Jon Ireson)
2. ‘Transform in White Light’ (Terra Remix)
3. ‘Little Alice’ (Jabberwocky Mix by Textile Arcade)
4. ‘White Light’ (Oomack Remix)
5. ‘B34UTY_3Y35_1-4D0R3’
6. ‘Our Time Is Now’ (XSRY Mix)
7. ‘Beauty Eyes I Adore’ (Brian Nance Feltsonix Mix)
8. ‘Beauty Eyes I Adore’ (Dark Highway Mix by Jon Ireson)
9. ‘Little Alice’ (Steven OLaf mix)
10. ‘Transform in White Light’ (CMO Remix)
11. ‘Beauty Eyes I Adore’ (Strauss & DeMarco Cruz Mix)
12. ‘Little Alice’ (March to the Guillotine mix by Jon Ireson)
13. ‘Beauty Eyes I Adore’ (Daring Rescue Mix by Jon Ireson)
14. ‘I Adore White Light’ (vitowsky mix)
15. ‘Little Alice’ (Bad Trip Mix by Jon Ireson)
16. ‘Transform in White Light’ (Disarm Mix by Jon Ireson)
17. ‘Transform in White Light’ (Shaun Friesen poem)

Post Death Soundtrack is set to release a brand new album of original tunes in 2017, so stay tuned for updates. Check out the band’s recent music video for ‘The Unlearning Curve’ track, “Through the Gates”, right here:

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