Listen : Courtney Barnett announces new album and releases first track

Courtney Barnett has confirmed the release date of her new album after teasing new music earlier this week.

The Australian front-woman signalled a return to the grunge filled echos of her debut-album with new track ‘Nameless, Fameless’, after the more melodic subdued journey of her collaboration with Kurt Vile and the Sea Lice.

Barnett followed up the news that ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’ will be released on May 18th with the promise that UK tour dates will follow soon.

The new track, which you can listen to below, contains the usual Barnett witticisms and driving guitars while packing a real punch as she takes aim at internet trolls and violence against woman.

I wanna walk in through in the park in the dark, men are scared that women will laugh at them,” Barnett rallies, taking inspiration from Margret Atwood, “Women are scared that men will kill them“.

While unmistakably poignant, the lyrics are at times still laugh out loud funny, contrasting with the more sinister refrains of “I hold my keys, between my fingers”.

Watch the video for ‘Nameless, Faceless’, directed by Lucy Dyson, below.

‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’ tracklist, out 18 May on Milk! Records, Marathon Artists and Mom + Pop:

01 Hopefulessness
02 City Looks Pretty
03 Charity
04 Need a Little Time
05 Nameless, Faceless
06 I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch
07 Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self-Confidence
08 Help Your Self
09 Walkin’ on Eggshells
10 Sunday Roast