Listen : Casablancas’ Voidz release new track

Strokes front man Julian Casablancas’ side project The Voidz have released the third track of their upcoming album.

‘Pointlessness’ was put out by the band yesterday and will be the closing track on their second album ‘Virtue’, which is due for release next month.

The droning track is a slight departure from Casablancas’ usual styles, but the five minute number has all the makings of an impressive album finisher.  The almost prog rock track follows ‘Leave it in my Dreams’ and ‘QYURRYUS’, the first two singles off the record.

While Strokes fans may have to accept that the band’s new record is not forthcoming, the omens for The Voidz new release are very positive.

Have a listen to the track below:

‘Virtue’ tracklist, out March 30,

1 Leave It In My Dreams
3 Pyramid of Bones
4. Permanent High School
5 ALieNNatioN
6 One of the Ones
7 All Wordz Are Made Up
8 Think Before You Drink
9 Wink
10  My Friend the Walls
11 Pink Ocean
12 Black Hole
13 Lazy Boy
14 We’re Where We Were
15 Pointlessness