Following press acclaim and thousands of Spotify streams for his debut single Foundation in late 2018, UK RnB singer-songwriter Link Lewis is back with a mellow, jazzy new futuresoul single. 

Am I In is available on all streaming platforms now and fires up smoky beats, velvet vocals and blasts of jazzy sax alongside soulful pop melodies.

Fans of Leon Bridges, Tom Misch, Jorja Smith – don’t sleep on this one.

“I’m sure plenty of people will find Am I Inrelatable,” explains the young artist about the new track. “It’s about attraction and curiosity, that difficult decision – deciding whether to cross the line of friendship to see if a deeper connection exists. I’m really happy I could bring the sax into this song. I think it really adds a groove and atmosphere to the sound. I’m a multi-instrumentalist so it’s cool to get all of the instruments I play in a single track. I love layering my vocals in the studio and playing around with different harmonies. I’ve been listening to a lot of Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo so it’s kind of hard not to take inspiration from them vocally.”

Taking inspiration from all branches of the tree, the Link Lewis sound blends the buttery tones of jazzy RnB with the slick hooks and pounding grooves of hip-hop and modern pop. With a wealth of experience both writing and producing music in multiple genres, he’ll be releasing a string of new singles in 2019.