Lime Juice

Lime Juice Release New Indie Track ‘Quietude’

By heck does this new track from Lime Juice stand out. It has an indie feel-good aura which is compelling and contagious.

‘Quietude’ is the type of release which cements itself deep into a playlist. It is one of those tracks which you have to come back to regularly because it provides a sense of joy with no tribulation. It is edgy but also poppy too, which is fascinating and exciting. I enjoy how they have combined plenty of sounds into the mix, and the structure never gets dull with it regularly switching around.

Kicking off is a guitar rhythm which reminds of indie from the 80s, similar to a ‘Johnny Marr’ sound from The Smiths. Vocally, ‘Alessandro’ opens up with confidence. He does not mess around on the mic, and he proves he is a talent. Influenced by the likes of modern indie, the band find room for a nostalgic feel too with many comparing this new track to early KOL, I cannot hear it too much, but you will have to work that out for yourself.

As the track progresses, it builds in tempo and then slows down again to give space to an organic-sounding piano lead, or could it be a guitar with an effect? Either way, it sounds mouth-watering, and it leads us into something massive. The ending is bold and possibly one of the most significant conclusions to an indie track I have heard in recent times. The guitar lead pops out like a jack in a box and glides up and down the fretboard, making us want to pick up a guitar ourself. Wow, what a treat it is.

‘Alessandro’ then reaches for the mic again to conclude the track in trendy style. You can take a listen to ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below.