LIAM releases new anthemic folk single, “Shaking”

LIAM is set to release his upcoming album created with producer and friend Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, Mother Mother, New Pornographers).

For many years, LIAM toured with a band called The Middle Coast. They started touring when he was only 17, and toured 100-200 days a year until 22 years of age. From Canada coast-to-coast, to the U.S, and even Japan, he’s spent the past years mainly on the road. 2019 will see LIAM continue his heavy tour schedule.

Today we are pleased to share the latest single, “Shaking” a building, anthemic folk-inspired track.

Here’s what LIAM had to say about the new track:

“Shaking is an honest retelling of a breakup. Breaking up isn’t easy. Whether you’re being broken up with, or breaking up with someone else, it’s hard to tell someone that you don’t want to be with them. It’s not always that you don’t love them. It’s not that you want someone else. Sometimes, it’s just a deep seated feeling that you cannot shake.

One day, after beating yourself up about it for days, weeks, years, you just do it. You leave the person you’ve loved for years standing on the stairs. And it sucks. Writing ‘Shaking’ was a way to get my brain to stop replaying that night over and over again. Releasing this song is a mixed bag of feelings. It’s a vulnerable and honest song and I’m nervous to show it to everyone.”

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